Alarm Company Vivent Refuses to Cancel Customer’s Service

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There’s an old saying that goes, “A lawyer with a briefcase can steal more money than 20 men with guns.” Boy, if that ain’t the truth.
I thought about that last week when one of my clients told me how she is being ripped off. This client, named Gerry, is being robbed according to a set monthly schedule, and her robbers have every right to take her hard-earned cash. Luckily, there was a solution to her problem.
The situation was, Gerry had an alarm system in her home, and the alarm company refused to cancel her service even though her contract was finished. Like with most alarm companies, Gerry was required to have her monthly service fee charged to a credit card. With her credit card info, this alarm company, Vivent, had went right on charging her card even though she repeatedly told Vivent that she no longer wanted their service.
When her contract was about to end, Gerry called Vivent to notify them not to renew the agreement. The monthly fee was $45, which is extremely high for a basic alarm system. Gerry had found other alarm companies that were way cheaper, so she wanted to go with one of them.
Well, when she called and told Vivent not to renew, which she did by the deadline in her contract, the shenanigans began. Vivent didn’t just give her a runaround, they gave her a marathon. First, they made her email a signed letter, requesting the cancellation. Gerry emailed this letter, but it came back as undeliverable each time she sent it. And she resent it several times over a month.
“I called and they told me their email server was down so I’d have to fax it,” Gerry said. “There was no other email address I could send it to.”
Now, not being able to get email, even for a day, is a big problem for a business. And if you don’t know, Vivent is a huge company. And you’re going to tell me that this company is not able to receive any email for an entire month? In the year 2012, when most communication is electronic? Sure.
But Gerry did as they instructed and faxed in the cancellation request. I’ll give you three guesses what happened, and the first two don’t count.
“I faxed that letter 10 times, and each time their fax machine was busy,” she said.
Whoa, big surprise there! So then she tried emailing again, and of course the emails all bounced back to her as undeliverable.
“Then I called and they told me to mail the cancellation request,” she said.
“Let me guess.” I said. “They didn’t get your letter?”
“No! And I mailed it three times,” Gerry said.
Gerry didn’t have to worry about her house getting broke into, but she was getting mugged on a monthly basis by Vivent.
There was only one solution. Call the credit card company, get a new account number, and order the bank not to allow any more charges to Vivent.
You got to hand it to them. A lot businesses will do this. Once they sign you up, they make you jump through a million hoops to cancel your business with them. And the requirements to cancel are, I’m sure, all spelled out in the contract. In legalese, and in very small print of course.

  1. I was going to say do exactly that – cancel the card. Unless they are willing to give the service for free.
    I’d also suggest calling the Better Business Bureau.

  2. The Better Business Bureau, unfortunately, isn’t the best resource for help in a situation like this because they have no ‘policing’ powers. More and more businesses are being policed by consumer-based review websites such as yelp. Those sites bring up a different set of issues, but that’s a whole other topic.

    Thanks for the comments!

  3. We are having the same problem with Vivent; I called them to report we were changing service on 6/11 and yet they will not stop charging me for it. I cancelled my credit card today but feel that their business practices are illegal.

  4. BBB is a club of businesses that pay the BBB. They will not help you. Here’s how I have learned to handle this. Mail a letter ,snail mail, return receipt requested Notify them that effective a date certain, your business relationship is ended and their service are no longer required. If a charge shows up on your credit card, dispute it with the credit card company (in writing) and send a dispute letter (required by the Fair Credit Billing Act) ) and also to the “business” notifying them that they billed you incorrectly, and to refer to your prior notifying them that they and their services had been dismissed. Any further billing or attempt to collect monies will be considered fraud and may (WILL) result in legal action, AND if it appears on your credit report or they attempt to collect the amount as a debt , they and their debt collector will be sued.
    I don’t play this game anymore, But when I do, I win a lot of money

  5. They are doing the same thing to me, I HATE this company, and if ever I hear of anyone wanting to use this company I will personally do whatever it takes to stop them. THESE PEOPLE are CROOKS!! When reading this, it was as if I had wrote it.

  6. I have had a lot of troubles with Vivient. Alarm keeps going off when we are away, I called many times – they come over (sometimes) to ATTEMPT to fix it, then it goes bad again. I will get out of my contract with them as soon asmy 2 year period is over. Defective switches, NEVER GO TO THESE people again!

  7. This company sucks. The lies. The terrible customer service. The hours I have spent on the phone. TERRIBLE COMPANY – DO NOT GIVE YOUR MONEY TO THIS COMPANY!

  8. Is there something we can do?? I told the Accounts Manager I was thinking of buying the domain name: viventsucks. He told me it was already gone. Great laughter. I am furious with this company.

  9. Reminds me of UPS, I was just checking into using Vivint. After reading the article I won’t be.

  10. I am having the same problem -I phone to tell them I wish to cancel and I get transferred to a local that is never answered. Tried several times and got no answer each time. Went to the bank to stop payment but they processed an even higher charge and it went through. Now I will change my bank account number. VERY ANNOYING AND I WILL NEVER DEAL WITH VIVENT AGAIN.

  11. Tried to get customer service 24 hours after the final part of our installation (2 parts). Customer service refused to respond dspite multiple emails and faxes. Get telecheck notice of billing about the same time. Called telecheck and after being interrogated for personal info determined they cannot help. Contacted my bank to notify them of termination of contract and cancelation of withdrawls.

  12. I’m just posting the following everywhere I can so people can make informed decisions.

    I signed up for Vivent about a month ago, reviewed the contract, then cancelled within the 3 days as the contract states (not the 30 days that was quoted verbally). Yesterday, Vivent debited my checking account for services. Now I have to jump through more hoops to fix this even though I followed the contract. Just saying it how it is and take from it what you want.

  13. Just had a sales girl at my door. She was busy with her cell phone when I answered. I told her I wasn’t interested & closed the door. She rudely banged on my door after that and continued to stand on my front doorstep on her cell phone again.

  14. Beware!!!!! Purchased and got out of in 3 days but didn’t receive $ back for 35 days! Scammed me and my elderly neighbor! I had to pretend I was them just to get them out of their contract! Took many calls to get $ back! Keep calling and email whomever you an to keep a paper trail. Total ripoff!!!! If they come to your door tell them you will call the cops! They run a credit report on the spot but say they are “checking to see if you own the home” they are sneaky and will not leave! Also do not let them upstairs or in your basement alone. Coincidence that the day after I cancelled the car outside my house was broken into! The neighbor parked I front of my house because his spot was taken !!!!! My car was in the shop. Hmmm

  15. have had the same problem they gave me the run around on canceling my services and they continue to take out of my bank account this company needs t be STOPED!!

  16. This is the worse company to deal with and not mention they are total rip offs

  17. I agree with all the above.We have had our security system for the last 2.5 years. At first we were having it debited from our savings account. After a couple of years doing that, they suddenly said they couldn’t get it from our savings anymore because it wouldn’t go through for some reason. They continually added charges. Then , they started calling us EVERY DAY and sometimes after 10 at night. I would pay them over the phone, and the next day get a call. When I told them I paid them, they said it was for the month before and it was due again. I still had three weeks, until it was past due. I told them they were the worst company I’ve ever dealt with. We still have them, but I want to get out of it. I know it is going to be a big hassle after reading these comments.

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