Homeowner Convinced her Mortgage Company using Secret Phone Technology to Avoid her

In Housing Horror Stories on June 18, 2012 at 10:59 pm

In my line of work counseling homeowners who are trying to get help from their mortgage companies, I hear a lot of crazy stories from people who believe their mortgage company intentionally jerks them around–losing documents, giving them wrong information, things like that. I mean, some of what people tell me borders on conspiracy theory type of stuff. It’s nuts.
My personal favorite is how the fax machines at mortgage companies never work. You wouldn’t believe how often I hear a mortgage company employee tell their customer to resend documents because the fax machine was on the fritz. The people who work at the mortgage companies must beat the hell out of their fax machines.
I thought I’d heard it all. But recently a client of mine named Janice told me a new one. Janice told me how a specific person at her mortgage company was assigned to handle her loan modification application, and nobody else at the mortgage company was allowed to speak to her about her situation. The problem was, this particular employee could never be reached and rarely returned Janice’s phone calls. Now this is another one I hear all the time. But her story got weird when Janice told me that whenever her file manager did call her, her phone wouldn’t ring. She would simply find a voicemail from the person.
“It happens all the time,” she told me. “I’m convinced they’ve got some technology that allows them to make a call and have it go right to your voicemail.”
My obvious question to her was, Isn’t it possible you were away from your phone or on the other line when the file manager called?
No, it wasn’t, Janice said.
“This has happened a lot. It just happened again yesterday,” she said. “I was home all day. There were no messages, then at some point I noticed the light on the phone flashing which means I have a message. I played it and sure enough, it was from the file manager.”
I asked her, Isn’t it possible you were talking on the phone when they called?
“I have call waiting,” Janice said. “Why does my call waiting work for everyone else? Why does my phone ring for everyone else except my mortgage company?”


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