Mortgage Company Refuses to Accept Monthly Payments

In Uncategorized on June 4, 2012 at 10:46 pm

Today I’d like to ask a rhetorical type of question: Would you refuse to allow somebody who owes you money to pay you back? I don’t know if this exactly constitutes a rhetorical question, but it’s kind of a nutty question, because who in their right mind doesn’t want to get their money paid back to them?
The answer is, a mortgage company.
Here’s why I bring it up: I got a phone call from a distraught woman in Florida named Carmen. Carmen missed two house payments because of some trouble her kid got into. Without going into the gritty details, what happened was Carmen had to take the money that should have paid her monthly mortgage, and give it to a lawyer to keep her kid out of jail.
With the lawyer retained, Carmen called her mortgage company to get things straight with the payments. The mortgage company told Carmen she would need to pay a little extra each month until the loan was current, and that she would be assigned a specific contact person who would take her payments over the phone. This contact person, Carmen was told, would be the only person who could accept the payment from her. They gave the contact person’s name and phone number to Carmen, and that, they told her, was that.
Except that wasn’t that. For a month, Carmen had been calling the phone number of her contact to make the payment, but each time, it went to the person’s voicemail. Carmen left countless messages saying she wanted to make a payment, but in a month this person never returned her many calls. And of course after two weeks a late fee was assessed, and now her mortgage was in danger of going three months past due. By this point, Carmen was frantic.
“I’ve called this person a hundred times,” she cried to me. “And if I call any other number and speak to anybody else, they tell me they can’t take my payment; only this specific person can.
“It’s like they want me to go farther behind so they can take my house.”
Maybe the question wasn’t rhetorical after all.

  1. That’s the truest thing I’ve read in a long time!! Our lender ‘forgot’ to make out auto-withdrawal and put is in arrears–we were current from the time I got the mortgage until the day of their little ‘glitch’. They have no documented evidence to prove that we didn’t pay. I get text, email and paper alerts if the account isn’t paid–which happened several months before when they had another glitch. The first time, they admitted their error and wrote letters to our bank and gave us a check for damages. The last time, there were no notices–I never got anything from my bank or the lender, which right there shows that there was something shady happening. And when I caught it–because it took some time, unlike the first incident where I got alerted right away–I attempted to pay the whole outstanding payment–Nope, they refused. They wanted the current month, plus the previous month plus ‘penalty fees’ of an indeterminant nature…they couldn’t even tell me how much the fees were–because I would have paid them too on the spot.
    Basically they screwed up my mortgage, won’t own any responsibility and are now trying to foreclose. I’m going through bankruptcy since it’s the only way to even stall the foreclosure at this point–which they’re trying to expedite for some unknown reason.
    I hate the lender and wish I’d never ever gotten involved with them.

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