An Informational Resource on the Loan Modification Process

In Uncategorized on December 2, 2010 at 5:55 pm

If the loan modification application process has you confused, this agency might help explain things

The Homeowner’s Hope Hotline is a completely free service  that can answer questions about the sometimes confusing application procedures that mortgage companies use to determine whether to help a struggling homeowner.  The hotline is an informational resource able to answer common questions about issues that may occur during the application process.


  1. I went to the National Mortgage Complaint Center website.
    They charge $85.00 to look over your documentation.
    If you feel like you need to spend money for mortgage assistance then wouldn’t the $85.00 be better spent if you go to an attorney – that you trust rather then just fork it over to a ‘Service’ that has a website?
    I am surprised that you are referring people who are already having a hard time financially to a website that will charge for their services.
    If you do not know an attorney – there are also a number of NON PROFIT agencies that will assist with your documentation for NO charge.
    Thank you

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